The group’s Reserves Policy may be downloaded here  Reserves-Policy-v2.pdf

The Association hereby constituted shall be called Oast Quilters.

1. Objectives.

To arrange meetings and workshops to assist persons with an interest in patchwork and quilting in Kent and to raise money to support charitable organisations as decided by the Association.  To raise money by such activities as the Committee of the Association shall decide and otherwise to received money donated or otherwise acquired always for the use and benefit of the Association to support the above objectives.

2. Membership.

Membership shall be by annual subscription.  Members numbers, new admissions, approval of groups and individuals, renewal dates and subscription fee to be proposed by the Committee and approved by members at the next General Meeting.

3. Officers.

Officers shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and should be appointed at the Annual General Meeting, the term of office to be three years.  If an appointment is not made then the Committee has the authority to appoint officers as deemed necessary and bring the appointments to the membership for approval.

4. Committee.

Each group registered with the Association shall be entitled to appoint a representative to serve on the Committee.  A substitute may attend in their place.  Membership Secretary, Programme Secretary and Workshop Organiser shall be Committee members, as shall any member with a specific duty within the Association as deemed necessary by the Committee.

5. Meetings.

Meetings to be held throughout the year at dates decided by the Committee, one of these to the the AGM.  These are open to all members.  Attendance of visitors should be limited to two visits per year and the fee to be paid should be at the discretion of the Committee.  Extraordinary General Meetings may be called by any ten members on notice being given to the Committee in writing, with full details as to the reason for the request.   Twenty eight days notice of such a meeting must be given to all group representatives and independent members.  This notice shall give the reason for calling such a meeting.  The quorum for an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be 30% of the membership.   The Committee shall meet at least twice a year.  The quorum for committee meetings shall be seven, two of which must be officers.

6. Voting.

Voting at meetings shall be by simple majority with the Chairman having the casting vote.  No member to vote on any matter in which they have a financial interest.

7. Secretary.

The secretary shall despatch all notices required and shall record minutes of Committee meeting, Special Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting.  Any voting or resolutions passed shall be minuted.

8. Finance.

The Treasurer shall keep an account of all monies received on behalf of the Association.  Only sums authorised by the Committee, Chairman or Secretary are to be paid out, with each cheque being signed by two officers of the Association. Accounts shall be closed by 30th September annually, with any change to be approved by the membership in advance of the date.  The annual accounts shall be inspected by a suitably qualified person approved by the Committee. 

9 Dissolution.

If it becomes necessary to dissolve the Association, a meeting of members shall be called and any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be applied to a charitable association (s) to be decided by a members vote.  The quorum for such a meeting shall be 30% of the membership.  Voting on dissolution shall require a three quarter majority of those present.

10. Alteration of the Constitution.

This constitution may be altered at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting called as above.  Voting on changes shall require a two thirds majority, excluding abstentions and shall be recorded.  In the event of a matter arising which is not dealt with by the above constitution, a decision shall be made by the Committee.

The decision shall be final.

As agreed at AGM December 2013