Art to Stitch with Sandra Meech – 2 Day workshop

When? Date(s) - 4th March 2012 until 5th March 2012
Time (24h Format) - 10:00 - 16:00
Time (12h Format) - 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

NOTE: This is a 2-day workshop, and therefore the cost is £40. Day 1 is at Lower Hardres Village Hall, Day 2 is at Littlebourne Village Hall.
This is a course for all who love stitched textiles and want to improve or revisit ‘art’ techniques but also make the direct connection with stitched textiles. Working to a personal theme we begin by drawing, sketching and painting in a mix of media that concentrate on ‘line’, shape, tone, and texture with exercises that also address design and composition. Landscape, still life or subjects on a personal theme will be incorporated with a variety of techniques and materials, – pens, oil pastels, watercolour, acrylics, and the Image transfer of drawings and collage compositions onto fabric. These will be combined with transfer dyed fabrics and sheers, textured papers and image transfer (heat methods) to explore new stitch possibilities. Several small textile pieces that are machined, hand stitched and embellished will be completed – making the ‘connection from ‘art to stitch’.

Preparation – Bring along any current sketchbooks or drawings on a subject that you are working with or research material collected in developing a new theme. This could include photographs, photocopies, information from magazines, the internet, or any writing you have done. We will be using materials related to your own personal theme for drawing, but in addition anything from nature – plants, bark, twigs, shells, seed pods, rocks for example or any ephemera – from around the house, – statues, ornaments, collectibles, or memorabilia would be fine. I will also have a selection.

Photocopies –
Bring along at least 4 – A4 (or 8 ½ “ x 11”) different colour copies based on your theme (fill the page completely with one image). Consider overall image as well as detail textural photos.
Then get at least 2 black and white copies of each colour copy. Laser copies might preferred as they will not smudge when painted with brusho. Lighten and contrast them if you can as we will be painting them.
Fill a page of writing based on your personal theme and photocopy it 4 times in black and white
All of the above will be used as collage material.
• Please don’t forget your camera as an additional creative tool.
• A chosen postcard, photo of a contemporary abstract artist of your choice – Picasso, Kandinsky, Miro, Huntervasser for example.
• Pencils – 2B and 6B+ for sketching, two soft charcoal pencils, black conte stick and a kneaded eraser
• A3 or (11” x 17” appox) cartridge paper pad –(for various drawing and painting exercises).
• Permanent drawing pens – fine and thicker point (Sharpie or similar) any other marker pens you have.
• 24 set of coloured pencils, at least 12 set of oil pastels. A Small set of watercolours, (with paint palette ).
• 3-4 small plastic containers for paint and water
• Additional (20 sheets) white copy paper and a notebook
• A selection of fine, medium and larger brushes for washes.
• Craft knife, cutting board, ruler, masking tape, a glue stick , paper scissors
• Apron, plastic gloves, piece of plastic (1mx2m) or a large garbage bin liner, some newspaper.

Sewing Materials
• Sewing machine with darning foot for the second day only – a small selection of threads.
• Sewing kit with pins, embroidery needles and a small selection of stranded cotton floss, wool, scrim to incorporate with machine or hand stitch.
• 1 m thin white cotton and 1/2 m Vilene medium or heavy sew-in interfacing, polyester sheers and any other fabrics with polyester content – if you have them.
• A very small selection of any other fabrics – hand dyes, bali, batik style fabrics that could blend. No more than 1m in total.

There will be an additional charge of £9. for transfer dyes, interfacing and some fabric for stitch samples, brusho paint, acrylic paint, image heat transfer papers (I will provide the printer and inks) and other general materials.


Lower Hardres Village Hall, Lower Hardres, Canterbury, Kent
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