Plastic Bag Dyeing with Inger Milburn

When? Date(s) - 28th January 2012
Time (24h Format) - 10:00 - 16:00
Time (12h Format) - 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Try this simple way of using Procion dyes on cotton fabrics. We will use two different procedures, each involving 3 yards of fabric cut into 1/2 yard lengths. In one you will produce 6 graded shades of one colour, in the other you will mix two colours in different proportions.
Things to bring:

  • 6 yards of white cotton or calico, cut into 1/2 yard pieces. It is important that the fabric IS cotton: poly-cotton is not suitable for this type of dye, but you could use linen, silk or viscose.
  • Bring some extra fabric, 1/4 yard pieces or smaller, if you would like to produce textured effects by pleating or stitching before dyeing. You could also bring pieces of printed fabric for overdyeing.
  • All fabrics should be thoroughly washed. Machine wash new fabrics twice on the hottest setting to prepare them for dyeing.
  • Redundant cotton sheets dye brilliantly.
  • 2 containers (large plastic bottles or whatever you have), each containing 1/2 pint of cheap table salt (not iodized), dissolved in 6 pints of water.
  • 12 large (27cm) resealable (Ziplock) plastic bags. Have a few extra in reserve, in case any of them leak.
  • 2 washing up bowls, square or rectangular if possible, or one bowl and a bucket.
  • Rubber gloves
  • Apron
  • Paper or cloth for mopping up
  • Pint measure
  • Disposable teaspoon
  • Disposable tablespoon
  • Plastic or newspapers to cover the table

String, strong thread, needle, scissors. Also consider bringing orange nets, old tights or anything else into which you can scrunch fabric.

Please wear old clothes and shoes. The dyes are just as fast on your clothes as they are on the fabric you are planning to dye.

You will be taking the fabrics home in their dye liquid, so line your car to avoid disaster.

The dyes are supplied in powder form. In order to save time, I will prepare dye solutions before the workshop. Please advise of your dye choices at least 2 weeks before the workshop.
For colour graduations, please choose one colour from Basic dyes or 1:1 mixtures
For 2-colour progression, please select 2 colours from Basic dyes which you would like to mix.

Basic Dyes: Fuchsia, Lemon, Golden Yellow, Light Rust, Navy, Electric Blue, Bright Royal, Turquoise
1:1 Mixtures: Petrol, Scarlet, Orangeade, Spruce, Blackcurrant, Emerald Green, Pea Green, Vivid Purple

£20 + £4 for dyes

Lower Hardres Village Hall, Lower Hardres, Canterbury, Kent
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