Programme 2021

Programme 2021

** all contact gatherings are suspended until further notice:

(Subject to Government Guidelines)

Breaking News: New Events: 

March 6: Catherine Lawes – Virtual Talk – New Zealand Inspirations

Catherine Lawes was born and brought up in New Zealand but has mostly lived in the UK. She is a textile artist who “creates wall hangings and one off coats and many styles of fabric pictures. [Her] work is inspired by patterns in nature, natural land forms and man made structures. [She] seeks and emotional response to an event or place.”

March 7: Liz Coleman – Becoming a Bag Lady! Free Sew Along Workshop/Virtual Bag making day


Liz Coleman will undertake a series of mini workshops by Zoom during the day.  You are welcome to attend all or just some of them.  Liz suggests that you might consider quilting up UFOs or combining blocks if you do not have suitable fabric – and you might like to consider donating a bag or two for the Oast Quilters’ Showcase Bag Tombola (whenever we can stage Showcase!).

  • Session One: Japanese Knot Bag


 This will be a sew-along – so set your ‘device’ up by your sewing machine.  The bag is reversible and is made from two (generous) fat quarters.  It makes a nice little bag for presenting a gift in (box of chocolates etc.) or transporting some cakes or biscuits.  You could even put a packed lunch in this bag when we have the opportunity to meet up again!

  • Session Two: Zipped Tote Bags    

This too, is a sew-along (but you can always just watch if you would rather).

You need two pieces of quilted fabric (or a fabric that is heavier than usual patchwork fabric), 15” x 15” – or thereabouts…. If your quilted fabric is a bit bigger or a bit smaller, it really doesn’t matter.  You also need two pieces of lining fabric 15” x 15” (or thereabouts etc. but they do have to be the same as the outer).

You will also need a nylon zip, either a little less in length of your bag top – or if it is longer, it really doesn’t matter either as it is possible to cut it down to size.  We will be stitching tabs to each end of the zip.  You need some scraps of the lining fabric for the tabs. 

For the handles, select a sturdy fabric (e.g. Canvas or Denim) and cut two strips 24” x 3”.  Alternatively you could cannibalise an old bag for its handles if they are still strong enough.

  • Session Three: Box-Ended Bags

You can sew along or just watch!  The zip insertion is very similar to the method for the Tote Bags.  If you were scared about zip insertion before, you won’t be after this!

You’ll need a 14” zip – or thereabouts!  Two pieces of quilted fabric, 13” x 9½” for the outer and two pieces of the same size for the lining, plus some scraps for the zip ends and a piece 2¼”x 7” for the two little tabs at either sideof the bag (this is optional).

It can be sewn in just about an hour!  You will be sent a pattern to print out on your computer and should have cut out the material beforehand.

  • Session Four: Oval-ended bag – Just a demonstration!

However, to make this bag you will need to have two pieces of quilted fabric 14½” by 11½” (or one piece 28½” by 11½” as Liz did in the above bag – it worked out like this because Liz was using some UFO 4” Drunkard’s Path blocks). The quilted base is 11” x 5½”.  The handles need four pieces of fabric 2½” by 30” and two pieces of wadding 2” x 30”.

The lining should be 12” x 28½” (the extra is because it shows at the top edge outer of the bag) and the lining base fabric is 11” x 5½”.  You need a bias strip for binding the base to the bag outer 3” by 30” (which gives extra).  Liz used some lining fabric, but a commercial bias binding would work just as well.

Liz embellished the ends of the handles with buttons – this is not compulsory!


March 27:Carolyn Gibbs: Success with Stripes:Teaching Talk via Zoom

2pm for 2:30 start

This is a “teaching talk” showing how to achieve stunning effects in blocks and borders with striped fabrics including tips on how to make them meet perfectly in mitred borders.
When you receive the link from your Rep (group members) or Lynne Newell (independents)  notify Lynne if you wish to attend.


17th April 2021 : Lisa Walton : Leap and the net will appear :Zoom Talk
9.30 for 10.00 am start
Lisa is an International teacher Lisa will take us on her creative journey showing how her work has developed over the years with milestones and leaps she has taken. This will be a morning talk because of the time difference as Lisa lives in Sydney, Australia.
When you receive the link from your Rep (group members) or Lynne Newell (independents)  notify Lynne if you wish to attend.
Members are invited to a Sewcial.
You receive the link from your Rep (group members) or Lynne Newell (independents)  notify Lynne if you wish to attend.
Sunday 9th May 2021  10 am – 4 pm The planned workshop will be replaced by a Zoom UFO day.
When you receive the link from your Rep (group members) or Lynne Newell (independents)  notify Lynne if you wish to attend.

May 8: Sarah Humphreys – Talk – Youngish: Modernish

May 9: Zoom UFO Day to replace the planned workshop


June 12: Liz Melville – Happy Animals – In house workshop

July 10: Julia Gahagan – Talk – It’s a Small World

July 11: Miniature Seaside Quilts Workshop

July 23-25: Oast Showcase

September 25: OPEN DAY

AM: Jessie Cutts – Talk – From Graphic Design to Quilting

PM: Moira Neal – Talk – Time Flies when you are having Fun

September 26: Moira Neal – Creative Free Machine Quilting Workshop

November 6: UFO day at Lower Hardres

November 27: AGM






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