Sewing Bee

Oast Sewing Bee (South East) is run by Kerry, Pam and Sally.
Recently, they met on Saturday February 29 at the appropriately named Oast Hall in Folkestone, when they were taught how to do Kantha sewing.  They all had a very happy time and found it was really relaxing creating a picture with running stitches.  Look out for photos of the work on the Facebook page.  Their next meeting is on 28 March, again at the Oast Hall when they will be making an Easter basket using English Paper Piecing – and also involving Cadbury’s Crème Eggs apparently!  This group has several new members bit they still have room for more.

Oast Sewing Bee’ is a new concept and replaces Young Oast, but only to a certain extent. We still recognise the need to teach children to sew.  However, we are also aware of a generation of young women who have not been taught needlecrafts by their mother or grandmother and who might like to take up this pastime.  Although they have many pulls on their time, they may value stitching as a stress-buster and – as Tracy can vouch – you can always do handwork on the commuter train!  We meet on an ad hoc basis around the area and on International Quilting Day (28 March) a number of free workshops will take place in Libraries, particularly in the Folkestone area.



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